Viral: “Ungrateful” OFW in Canada Says $2,000 Government Aid is not enough

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Both the social media and the Internet is taken by storm by an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Canada told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) that the $2,000 government aid is not enough.

Nym Calvez, a hotel attendant and a member of an international labor union called UniteHere, said that the $2,000 given by the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) is not enough and could barely cover her rental of $1,500.

A quick search on Google about the disgruntled woman reveals that Calvez is a member of the labor union and organized a protest a couple of days ago.

Filipino netizens are quick to react calling Calvez ungrateful and a shame and a disgrace to the Philippines.

Calvez also said she has to send money to her family to the Philippines, a statement that received a harsh response from both Canadians and Filipinos telling her that her family is not a responsibility of Canada.

In the video, Calvez did not show any gratitude towards the Canadian government.

Watch Calves’ interview here:

Calvez organizing protest against the Canadian government:

Some youtube comments:

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  1. kapalmuks… are shaming all filipinos. Go back to the philippines and see what will happen to you…..mahiya ka sa sarili mo

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