Cebu Beauty Queen Arrested Over Beach Drinking Spree

    A beauty queen in Cebu and her foreigner boyfriend were arrested after tourist police found them swimming and on drinking sessions at the beach eventually violating the Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ) law.

    The police report said the two were bound to Alegria town to collect donations.
    However, they disobeyed the instructions not to roam around particularly beaches and resorts in Moalboal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The two then proceeded to Panagsama Beach where they involved in drinking sessions while swimming at sea before tourist police spotted and arrested them.

    Police did not name the beauty queen and her boyfriend but said both will face multiple charges including resisting arrest and violating the ECQ.

    The two were reportedly detained in a crisis holding center separate from other detainees while waiting for formal documentation of their charges.

    The two were from Cebu City – the city with the highest number of Covid-19 patients.

    As of press time, Cebu has 1,666 confirmed cases and despite the government’s effort lower the number, cases like this will make only things worse according to the police.

    It is not clear what penalties the two will get but the police said they will be processed accordingly.

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